Family time at Atmantan is a healthy mix of fun and fitness to recharge your batteries

From zero to hundred in two days straight…

The heat wave has been killer.

Ask the ones getting baked in the streets of New Delhi, or closer home, sweating away to glory in Mumbai trains. Unless you’re one of those privileged ones that park yourselves from home to office and back, have no connection with the world outside of your air conditioned home, office and gym, you wouldn’t know the struggles of us mere mortals. No sir, you could be leading an uber luxurious life, but even you would do well after a weekend at Atmantan.

Respite, if not from the heat, then from the smart devices that you have more of an emotional connect with, than with the humans around you. Being the only wellness resort of this stature in the country has its merits. If you have a decent amount of stash for this, you get a ring side view of mother nature. Easy access to your wellness needs and much-needed getaway from the madding crowd, endless email and phone calls are just the side servings of this healthy dish.


The long, winding road

The three-hour-long drive from Mumbai isn’t too exhausting, and is as quickly forgotten from the minute you enter the gates of the 42-acre-wide property at Mulshi, nestled away in the foothills of the Sahyadris.

Loch Ness is great, but it won’t take care of your weekend needs, unless you have a private plane on your speed dial. Not to glorify it, but the last overly exorbitant Indian who could have pulled off a weekend in the Scottish Highlands at his whim is currently seeking refuge in London… just saying… Enter this vast expanse by the banks of Mulshi Lake as your immediate saviour.

Surrounded by the beautiful Mulshi lake on one side and lush greenery of the mountains and the endless sky on the other two, you know your woes are left outside at the gates. Digital detox is an added bonus, since internet access is restricted to the rooms, and you end up spending most of your day outside of the confines of your luxury rooms.


Tune in… tune out

It’s a wellness resort, alright…. Pack in your designer resort wear, but don’t forget to throw in the humble yoga pants, running shorts, appropriate footwear and swimwear as well. Once you check in, your fitness is in the hands of experts. After you’ve done everything from TRX and yoga, aqua aerobics to trekking, you’ll value the relaxing massages even more.

That said, all the physical activity doesn’t take a toll on your body. In contrast, it ends up rejuvenating you more… being away from city life, the mental stress being way lesser than physical stress helps your cause. We were grateful that our daily step count by 10am was more than the number of emails on a regular day… and that’s saying something.

There’s no touchscreen, no buttons to fondle with, except the vast expanse of activities on offer, with a good heart rate monitor wrist band for company and you’re good to go. Emails can wait, life as we know it, can and must wait.


The one-of-a-kind fitness regime…

This wellness retreat isn’t all fun ‘n’ games. There’s the spa rooms, but rejuvenation isn’t just defined by the number of massages you take. To the founders, your wellness is serious business and hi-tech amenities like Infrared Sauna and Aerobic Endurance Test through VO2 Max is an investment they’ve made so you can get value for your buck.

The infrared sauna is an effective weight-balancing and pain-management tool and once there, you have unlimited access to it throughout your stay. The 4cm-deep penetration into your skin provides a respite to aching bones and improves circulation.

You may think you’re fit and feel like a sports star… the endless fatigue you feel is temporary. But take the Aerobic Endurance Test and know the real state your body is in. The assessment test provides the physiological foundation for addressing focussed athletic needs and endurance capacity - both of which are based on your oxygen consumption. A test like this is a great checkpoint of your level of physical fitness.


The family that works out together…

Thrice every year, fitness comes in a family pack. Atmantan opens its doors to children, 8 years and above one weekend each in May, June and July, so wellness goals are met with as a family unit.

Through our weekend stay, our children played multiple rounds of croquette, did some gardening, went on long nature walks, while we built some muscle with aqua kickboxing, group aerobics, TRX and wrapped up our days by balancing out the adrenaline with yoga and meditation. The early morning trek at the nearest peak was the show stealer for us, making for the perfect fam jam thingi.

Not only do they make your family of four sweat, they compliment it with sweet treats by including activities like baking. Your kid can actually bake her (healthy) cake and eat it too. The good folks out there left no stone unturned to ensure you and your tots have a healthy dose of fun and play, both with and without you, over the two days spent there. The rejuvenation isn’t just of mind and body, but of relationships as well.



Our Apple watch was our constant companion to serve as proof of the sweat and blood we shed out there… and we’re sure we didn’t record it all ‘coz of limited cellular range. Nevertheless, besides the best pair of shoes and comfortable sports wear, you don’t even need much here to survive. It’s your haven for a digital detox, remember? Here’s some of our recommendations on what to pack for the weekend -

  1. Tego Drill Socks - Strung together using technical yarns and high needle count machines, these socks are meant for high performance. It’s meant to feel natural on the feet, it’s meant for comfort, cushioning and durability. Buy it from here

  2. Fitbit Versa - This gender-neutral fitness watch isn’t just for weight watchers of the world. Its GPS abilities even give you the option to abandon your phone during workouts. Buy it from here

  3. Speedo goggles - Crystal clear vision and 2x anti-fog protection underwater is what makes this the perfect companion for underwater activities. Buy it from here

  4. Nike Epic React Flyknit - Light, comfortable and durable is what makes the React Flyknit an essential addition to your weekend backpack. Your ankles, toes and feet can literally chill while you pull off those long kilometers. Buy it from here

  5. Sony Waterproof Ultra-Compact RX0 Camera - Shoot your masterpieces with the least distortion, high resolution and without the feat of water. These ones will definitely make it to the family wall of fame. Buy it from here

  6. Adidas cap - You can run from the sun, but here’s a good way to hide and play a little peek-a-boo with it. Buy the cap from here