Cyberpower Trinity looks thrice as nice as your standard PC

Because your current gaming setup is nowhere near ostentatious enough

Level with me: is this a spaceship?

Levelling with you: no, it's not a spaceship. You know those aren't available from Earth-bound hardware manufacturers right? The Cyberpower Trinity is actually a fancy-looking gaming PC for people whose tastes tend toward space-age chic. So no, there is no hyperdrive engine or cockpit. You'll definitely be able to play Elite: Dangerous on it though.

If it's not a spaceship, why does it look like a throwback to Buck Rogers?

Actually we were thinking more Battlestar Galactica, but that's by the by. There are genuine engineering needs being serviced by its triple-blade shape and most of these have to do with cooling. Gaming PCs pump out a lot of heat, and this is generally considered a bad thing as a cool PC is a happy, fast, and generally functional one. The cooler you keep it, the more you can push its limits. With three towers, the trinity has three times the surface area, three times the fans, and hopefully runs at a lower temperature as a result.

Wouldn't keeping your PC in the freezer be easier?

Please go away and seriously think about the practicalities of that suggestion. 

Speaking of practicalities, I like gaming rigs with a lot of room. I need space and this doesn't say 'spacious' to me

That's where you're (unsurprisingly) wrong once again. The Trinity is compatible with big momma graphics cards like the Nvidia GeForce TITAN X and the AMD Radeon 9 series, as well as making room for more than three SSDs, a liquid cooling system and a full length ATX PS2 PSU. The only component to suffer from squeeze is the motherboard - the Trinity will only work with Mini-ITX form factor motherboards.



Does this mean I have to do faff about with component choices?

Not necessarily. The Trinity comes in three distinct flavours: the Trinity 100, Trinity 200, and Trinity Extreme, each with progressively more intimidating specs. The last in that list packs a 4GB GeForce 970 graphics card, over 2TB of storage, an Intel Core i7 CPU and actual horses applying actual power within the chassis (one of these things is not true). You can choose to modify these components if you like, or go with any of these prearranged setups.

Do I have enough money to buy this machine?

Erm, possibly. The most modest model, the Trinity 100, is a cool $955 (61,000 approx.) and the Trinity Extreme comes in at $1,795 (1,14,500 approx. ), but these models are nowhere near full spec. If you want a TITAN X and a gazillion SSD drives in your rig then you're probably looking at a lot more. Let's be honest, you don't sound like you have a lot more.

Ouch. OK, well I'm going to sell whatever organ necessary to buy this mean machine. Where can I get it?

Here's a small snag. The Trinity is currently only available from Cyberpower US, and it doesn't ship abroad in spite of having sister companies in other regions. Anyone living elsewhere is either going to have to wait, or add the cost of a plane ticket to the price tag. So... you might want to make that two organs.