Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 15 gadget gift ideas for photographers

Spot-on gifts for happy-snapping camera fans

When it comes to camera kit it can be a real present-purchasing minefield. Don't know your prime from your telephoto? Baffled by bags? Confused by lens caps? Don't be.

Anything from this cracking compendium of trigger-happy tech will bring a smile to the face of photography fans - which, of course, they'll instantly be able to capture from several different angles, correctly exposed and beautifully-framed. 

Hey, who knows: maybe they'll do your next passport photo for free.

HP Sprocket (₹13,990)

You know how you’ve taken 6329 photos on your iPhone this year and uploaded 5731 of them to Instagram? Well, your dad, mum, gran, granddad, Aunt Mabel and your six-year-old niece aren’t on Instagram, so they’ve not seen most of them. And some are actually quite good.

So, take this little phone-sized printer, connect it via Bluetooth and print some off for them - it takes ZINK instant paper. Oh, and they’re sticky-backed, so Mabel can put one on her fridge.

Buy the HP Sprocket here

Weye Feye (₹4,500)

XSories’ nifty product transforms a computer or Android or iOS device into a wireless remote control for DSLRs. Once connected, Weye Feye allows users to remotely adjust the camera’s ISO, white balance, aperture and focus from up to 80 metres away, as well as take photos and video clips.

Shots and footage captured can then be directly stored in the cloud, shared on social networks or moved to a mobile device or computer. It’s compatible with most Nikon and Canon cameras.

Buy the Weye Feye here

ThinkTank Retrospective 7 (₹10,990)

Don’t be fooled by the Retrospective 7’s old-fashioned charm: it’s every bit the modern camera bag. Able to accommodate a DSLR and up to three extra lenses, it'll also lug your 12in MacBook or iPad, too.

The stylish sack sports a hook-and-loop front flap that can be opened soundlessly - ideal for anyone shooting in places where noise isn’t wanted - whilst its exterior has been treated with a water repellent coating, which’ll doubtless come in handy all the year round.

Buy the ThinkTank Retrospective 7 here

Apple Lightning to SD camera reader (₹2,000)

Apple’s always banging on about how good the iPad is for photos - and it has a point: the big screen is much better than a smartphone for showing off snaps - particularly on an iPad Pro 12.9 - and there are tons of great apps to make the most of them.

However, getting images from a camera onto an iPad is a right faff. This little adaptor gives your tablet SD card-reading abilities and is therefore something of a must.

Buy the Apple Lightning to SD camera reader here

Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 Carbon Fibre Tripod (₹26,949)

The MT190CXPRO4 - complete with catchy name - is the Rolls-Royce of tripods. Anyone with an aversion to lugging around heavy gear will be smitten with its carbon fibre construction - the super-strong but lightweight material best known making up the building blocks of Formula 1 cars. 

That means, despite being able to hold up to 7kg of camera, lens and flash, it weighs a mere 1.65kg. It also has such treats as an extendable central column which moves both horizontally and vertically, a built-in bubble level and super-compact 4-section legs which help it stow away nicely.

Buy the Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 Carbon Fibre Tripod here

SanDisk 200GB microSD Card (₹5,699)

Alright, so it’s not the sexiest of Christmas gifts, but furnish your snap-happy loved one with 200GB of photo storage and they’ll be yours forever. The fact that it’s a microSD card means it can be slotted into your Android smartphone or tablet, plus it comes with an adaptor for use inside a proper camera.

Its class 10-certified smarts – ideal for shooting full HD video – will whizz files over to your laptop at super-fast speeds, and it's weatherproof to boot. Anyway, sexy gifts are so 2015.

Buy the SanDisk 200GB microSD Card here

Hoya R72 Infrared Filter (₹5,816)

Infrared photography is a spooky world unto itself: all surreal dark skies and ghostly pale trees. Doing it properly involves customising a DSLR by removing the IR-blocking filter inside it, but you can get amazing results using a cheap filter on any standard DSLR.

Buy the Hoya Infrared Filter here

Joby Gorillapod Original (₹1,220)

A tripod is an essential tool for any photographer - and a flexible mini tripod is even more so. What’s that? You can’t have more essential than ‘essential’? Oh, do shut up, pedant.

Anyway, Joby has been making it's monkey-like stands for a few years - and its original remains one of the best. Also available in a sturdier version for your DSLR, its twisty turny legs can be wrapped around anything to give you a stable base from which to shoot with a compact.

Buy the Joby Gorillapod here