The best running shoes you can buy today

We ran many miles in these shoes. And according to that old saying, that means we can judge them, right?

Imagine running by the sea. Waves crashing against the shore. The wind in your hair. Run Boy Run by Woodkid playing through those nice bluetooth headphones.

Your smartwatch vibrates softly to tell you you’ve reached your running goal for the day but you don’t stop. It’s a good day for running. You look down and suddenly screech to a halt. The song ends, the wind dies. What IS that on your feet? Those are not running shoes. Those are old sneakers you converted to running shoes. This can not go on, we will not allow it. If you are even a little bit serious about running, then you need to get a solid pair of running shoes. Don’t fret my pet. We’ve got you covered.

Nike Free

The concept of Nike Free was born in 2001 after a coach’s insights inspired designers to create footwear that mimicked the feel of barefoot training while offering important protection and support. The 2015 Nike Free goes back to the basics and focuses on the principle of less: eliminating layers, seams and bulk. The result is a fiery, lightweight and form-fitting shoe that Nike says is all about the power of the foot, not the shoe. The Free range is available in three variants and is priced between 7995 and 12,995.

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Adidas Ultra Boost

The good folks at Adidas Innovation Team inform us that a runner’s foot can expand up to 10mm or more in width during running. Unlike other technologies that don’t allow the foot to stretch, the Boost uses Adidas Primekit to allow for natural expansion of any foot shape. It also contains a new dual-density Torsion System that leads to more independent movement between heel and forefoot. Have we dropped enough complex shoe tech terms yet? One more should do the trick. Well, the shoe also has a nifty Stretch Weboutsole that adapts and moves with the foot. This technology laden shoe can be yours today for 15,999.


Puma Ignite

First things first. The Ignite collection from Puma draws inspiration from the colors, speed and shape of a comet. That’s right, you’ll be wearing a shoe that was designed keeping a celestial ball of fire in mind. Do you even need more information at this point? They are powered by what Puma calls the Ignite Foam, a proprietary foam that provides responsive cushioning and optimal rebound. These space shoes are available now for 8999.

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You know the scary part? The initials of Nike, Adidas and Puma come together to spell NAP. Coincidence? We think not. You get the shoes, we’re gonna take a nap.