The Android dominator

OnePlus’ bargain champ got even better when it added the ‘T’, with some camera tweaks, more power and a bigger battery. But now there’s a better version!

As if the OnePlus 3 already hadn’t pretty much make every other flagship Android phone break a sweat, the company went ahead and launched the OnePlus 3T which destroyed any remaining hope for competition.

But that wasn’t enough, no, not for OnePlus, you keep forgetting their mantra? Never Settle, rings a bell? Which is why, what we have here is a brand new OnePlus smartphone, well almost.

While the innards stay the same, the device gets a much hotter exterior. The special all-black device was christened as the OnePlus 3T Colette edition. In celebration of Colette’s 20th anniversary, OnePlus hosted a pop-up shop at the Colette store in Paris on March 21 and keep things super exclusive a mere 250 of this limited-edition version of the OnePlus 3T were made available for sale at the one-day pop-up shop. That was for Paris, exclusively and what India gets is the amazing OnePlus 3T in the Midnight Black edition all set to enthral a ton of eager fans.


Paint it black!

The OnePlus 3T Midnight Black features space-grade aluminum with three carefully applied dark coatings 14 microns thick and maintains the natural look and feel of metal. Each phone undergoes two sandblasting treatments with various sizes of metal sand to bring out a bright, classy luster. To finish each device, an anti-fingerprint layer is applied to ensure that the device looks just like new even after prolonged usage.

If black is your favourite colour and Android is your go to mobile operating system, you need to get your hands on this device. It feels stunningly luxurious to hold and will get you a lot of inquiries when you set it on the table at a restaurant or a coffee shop.

The phone still offers features like Dash Charge, which gives users a day’s power in half an hour, not to forget, there’s 128 GB of storage on the inside along with 6 GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor powering the device. Don’t wait up you, go on, get your premium on!

5 star beauty

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