6 accessories for the Apple iPhone 12 series

It’s Pro but here are ways to make it Pro-er

So you’ve got yourself a shiny new iPhone 12 Pro, or 12 Mini or maybe the best of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max? Here’s are six accessories to make your life with a brick-less smartphone easier.

Dang, they really did boot the power brick, and those magnet things are expensive

Nothing an old fashioned wireless charger can’t solve right? The Raegr Arc 1350 sounds like a router name but it’s for a different kind of wireless experience. It comes with two Qi-compatible sides for your phone and AirPods, and will even charge your Apple Watch.


No high refresh rate but definitely loads of amazing games. The Razer Kishi for iPhone is the best companion to convert your expensive smartphone into an expensive gaming console. A bit stretched but this will fit even the older iPhones and if you have an Xbox at home, you can stream your game directly here and play.


Magnets, who doesn’t love magnets? Apple’s new obsessions always end with our wallets feeling lightweight, and rather empty. Good thing you can fill that void with a MagSafe Duo Charger. It’s pocketable, wireless and charges all things Apple (pocketable).


Tim’s new enemy is lurking within the Apple website. It’s big, it’s white, it’s doing 20W charging and it’s Tim’s worse nightmare! The USB Type-C power brick. Now hunted by ecologists and Attenborough fans, the power brick is a relic of ancient times, you should buy it, just in case. 


Stick it in your car with MagSafe. There’s no better way to navigate Google Maps than to plonk your totally expensive iPhone on the dashboard and have it chart out your destination. This Belkin car charger comes with MagSafe for easy docking. Is it Mumbai pothole proof? You tell us.


Work from home? Here’s how you make it permanent. Anker has solved all Apple charging woes with one power brick. If your iDevices don’t leave the confines of your work station then plug in the Anker PowerPort for multi-device charging.