Zip back a few years: Bose used to be a company that marketed its stuff at old people in the back of broadsheets. Now it makes some of the most desirable tech around. It’s more a thinking person’s Beats than grandad fodder these days.

The Bose SoundSport Pulses are tech-packed sport earphones with a heart rate sensor built into one earpiece. It’s much better than the sensors you find on most smartwatches, still getting a good reading even if you’re haphazardly pounding down the pavement to sweat out a hangover.

There’s a Bose app you can use to see your pulse, but just about any fitness app worth its salt will recognise the headphones as an HR accessory for proper tracking.

The other hit feature of the Bose SoundSport Pulse is comfort. They look dead bulky, but these are among the most comfy wireless sport earphones in the world, using in-ear hooks that are stable and ultra-flexible at the same time. While they’re in you forget there’s a great big bit of plastic poking out of your ear, mostly because the housing is actually very light.

The Bose SoundSport Pulse’s sound quality is very good, with enough bass to satisfy during a workout, but also a generally smooth and rich tone. They’re sport earphones that want to be your only earphones, even if they don’t quite have the micro-detail of a great pair of non-sporty earphones.

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