App of the Year 2018

Google Pay

Awards Winner
What started life as a slow-burning Tez, saw rapid success with Google Pay once it was rebranded. A rare Google app with minimal clutter, its efficacy lies in its simplicity and elegance of execution. No other mobile payment or wallet app comes close to the UX that Google Pay offers. Integrated with the BHIM UPI, it works with most mainstream banks and debits/credits money directly to your account without any surcharge. But the reason why we (and a million others) are big fans is because of Google Rewards that puts something back into your account with almost every transaction you make with Google Pay. Now how do we say no to money?

The runners up

Echoing real-world cameras, Obscura 2 bases interaction around a thumbable control wheel. Tactile and approachable, the app is ideal if you hanker after manual precision when capturing snaps on your iPhone. (Available on iOS)

If you can’t afford a Vertu, fret not. Haptik hopes to offer the same concierge service to the common man. Tickets, bookings fix-its, it handles it all.

The original Retrospecs appealed in transforming any pic into something from a retro computer or console. 2018’s revamp added video smarts, and the ability to fashion visually arresting animated glitches. (Available on iOS)

Spend too much time gawping at your phone rather than focusing on your work? BFT only triggers its Pomodoro timer when your phone’s face down. Cheat and the bear growls at you. (Available on iOS and Android)