Red and green have come together in a marriage made possible by Asus.

The focus of the TUF range has always been quality performance and components at a relatively affordable price and at ₹82,990, it doesn’t seem to be asking for a lot considering what it has to offer all wrapped around that sweet 17.3in display. The 15in FX505 was also launched together with this behemoth and comes in slightly cheaper too. This one is for those who like it big.

Design and build

The FX705DT is a 17 inch mammoth that comes clad in a tough plastic exterior to keep that cost down. The lid has the quintessential ‘Radiating-X’ design and the ‘brushed’ finish makes that exterior look good. We had the Stealth Black variant, but there’s the signature Gold Steel model available too that slaps a metal lid on to the rig.

Even on this ‘non-metal’ variant, the build quality is sturdy, there’s no flex on the main body or at the centre around the keyboard either. The lid however does flex if you try and could have been a tad sturdier. The base is the strongest bit here and it feels like it will probably survive a drop from a small to medium height as well.

Display and keyboard

The display is a 17.3in IPS panel with ‘Wide View’ tech that does a good job of keeping colours intact while looking from any angle. It gets bright enough for regular in-door gaming and is customizable. Overall colour and contrast is impressive and level of detail is pretty epic too for its price. Although its younger sibling comes with the higher refresh rate while this one is stuck at a cool 60hz.

The new  NanoEdge design has a slim 7.18mm bezel that makes it even more immersive and void of distracting black slabs around. Playing Metro Exodus really shows the panel’s capability in handling the grim areas underground and the gorgeous contrast in the shadows while exploring abandoned houses and train bogeys.

Another step up from the previous gen of laptops is the introduction of an RGB keyboard. Now it isn’t perkey RGB, but you do get to select a few modes which include ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Starry Night’. There are some cool in-game effects too which actually are a nice proposition at this price point.


The FX705DT is quite a mid-level performer although a step up from its predecessors. It managed to score a healthy 7444 in FireStrike. We played Metro Exodus and got a steady 51fps while gaming on High and switching to medium raised the number to 35.

Asus’ Hyper Fan cooling does quite an effective job of keeping the system cool under heavy load. While playing less intensive games like Doom, there’s barely any noticeable heat, however heavy hitters like Metro Exodus do heat it up quite a bit and cause the fans to speed up, but surprisingly they don’t make as much noise as you’d expect.

In day to day tasks, the AMD chip doesn’t break a sweat and can handle multiple open softwares like Adobe’s entire suite along with an indie game running in the background with Chrome running YouTube with other work tabs open. It does stutter once in a while if you tend to push too hard, especially if you’re on one of the modes that save battery and want some last minute Photoshop work done.


The battery life of the Asus FX705DT is about 4 hours of continuous play and it lasts slightly longer if you compromise on that brightness and tone down the processor. The power brick is forgivingly light though and is not a problem to carry along in terms of weight or size, it’s like a modern day hard drive, just with wires.

The ports are again placed on the left hand side of the laptop, leaving the right hand side

completely free. Yes, it would suck real bad if you were a lefty. Although a USB Type-C port is nowhere to be found and would be a nice addition considering the price. There’s provision for headphones and you will want to use that since the audio output from the speakers is fairly standard and nothing that will impress you.

Asus TUF FX705 Verdict

Yes, the marriage of the GTX 1650 and the Ryzen 7 has proved quite fruitful although that’s not the only thing the FX705 brings to the table. It is a well rounded package overall that you get for not a lot of money and it’s got one big thing that it has going for itself - that beautiful display. And it is only when you start pairing that with a decent build, the Asus moniker and a swanky RGB keyboard, you start to realize what the FX705 truly brings to the table - value.

Tech Specs 
17.3in non-glare IPS
AMD RyzenTM 7 3750H
NVIDIA Geforce GTX1650
8GB DDR4 (upto 32GB)
39.9×27.9×2.6 (WDH)
Stuff says... 

Asus TUF FX705 DT review

This is a pure gaming machine that offers one thing best – value
Good Stuff 
RGB Keyboard
Bad Stuff 
Audio could be better
No USB Type C