We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t the market already flooded with wireless buds? Yes, it is but it isn’t too late for 1More’s offering considering its asking price. And if you don’t like the neck hangers, these seem to be the perfect go-to for wireless convenience and music. 

Design and build

The design, we will agree, is pretty stylish, but our black review unit oozes subtlety. You get to choose from different colours, including an Aerosmith-approved Pink. You get a gold and a green option too, but no pure white.

These come with a slightly fatter case than the Samsung buds and is a bit cumbersome to fit into your jean’s ‘watch pocket’ which the Samsung very easily slides into. The buds themselves are styled quite well and provide a secure fit thanks to the hook design. 1More provides three different fits for you to choose from and it is essential to get yours right. They don’t feel cumbersome at all and feel comfy and light in the ear.

Sound Quality

There’s no way to customise sound, however the 1More blurts out a fairly balanced sound signature. No particular frequency juts out at you and there’s a semblance of balance here which results in an overall great listening experience. There’s no drama or excitement however, the presentation has energy and verve. The 1More also supports aptX and AAC for those wanting better quality.

Now, they aren’t as capable as 1More’s own Quad Driver beauts or even the Triple Drivers, but fairly impressive on their own. We did have quality issues while answering calls as the mic picks up a lot of background noise and the noise-cancelling struggles in Mumbai’s bustling streets, but it isn’t a deal breaker.


The battery case

Connecting to the Truly Wireless is pretty easy and it involves flipping the case lid, just like the Samsung Buds. They do need a little work while pairing for the first time, but after that it is an automated process. You operate your music and manage your calls via tiny buttons on top of the headphones, which is slightly annoying as it compromises on the fit as you press down on the buttons and it requires two hands. The Samsung’s tap functionality or even RHA’s big flat button placement makes more sense than this operation.

The battery lasts for a cool five hours if you listen on human volumes and the case can charge the Stylish Wireless about three more times, which is quite good. You also can charge it up for 15 minutes and get 3 hours of play. Combine all of that together and you won’t find the need to charge the 1More too often. 


The Stylish Truly Wireless sure have a big name, but 1More is currently offering them for a measly ₨ 6500 online through Headphone Zone as well as their own website. At this price, it is a bargain, however you get a lot more from the Samsung. App functionality, tap functionality and the ability to control volume, which the 1More doesn’t have. If you can grab them at this low price, you will be a very happy customer.

Tech Specs 
Driver Type
7mm Dynamic Driver
Bluetooth 5
Charging Time
Battery Life
6 hours
Stuff says... 

1More Stylish True Wireless review

The best option under ₹7000, if not the most stylish out there
Good Stuff 
Balanced audio
Fit and comfort
Bad Stuff 
Idiotic button placement
Could handle calls better