Sony Xperia Z1: 10 apps to download right now

Instagram (Free)

Instagram needs little introduction: it’s the app that created a social network from square-format, artistically-filtered smartphone photographs (and now video clips). A great way to get more use out of the Z1’s excellent camera, not least because your contacts’ shots will likely inspire you to try new things.

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Nova Launcher Prime (RM14.40)

It won’t suit everybody, but if you want maximum scope to customise your Xperia Z1’s home screen Nova Launcher is the app for you.

It lets you create folders in the app drawer (woo!), create custom tabs to organise apps more effectively (double woo!), but its sexiest trait is that it gives you the ability to set actions and app startup to certain gestures. It also shows missed call, SMS and email counts on the home screen.

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Reddit is fun (Free)

Reddit is one of the web’s greatest repositories of interesting links, images, videos and memes – but it’s not the easiest thing to view on your phone.

This app aims to change all that, and largely succeeds. The UI is much more phone-friendly than the browser layout, making subreddits pain-free to browse, and you can sync it all up with your Reddit account. And despite being in beta, it’s largely stable and glitch-free.

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VSCO Cam (Free)

A longtime iOS favourite that has now made its way to Android, VSCO is a neat and very stylish alternative to Photoshop or Snapseed.

It allows for fine-tuned editing thanks to its arsenal of slider-adjusted tools, and its filters are a little more restrained than those of most rivals apps.

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PPTV (Free)

We picked PPTV as our final app because it suits the Z1 well: not only does the smartphone have one of the best screens in the business, its waterproofing means you can sit in the bath and watch your favourite Korean dramas.

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