Philips puts new monitors onto the market

Debuting touch and gaming monitor out of nowhere

Not to be left behind in the wake of CES, Phillips had a couple of their own local announcements to make this week.

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Philips puts new monitors onto the market - More to touch 2Philips puts new monitors onto the market - More to touch 3

Debuting two new monitors, one of which is a Windows 8 geared touchscreen 23in monitor while the other is an IPS gaming display with an unusual mode hotswapping remote.

Built for Windows 8 users, the C-line touchscreen is touch optimised for use with 10 points of touch. It also features a pair of built-in speakers and a HD webcam that makes the whole ensemble look a bit too much like an AIO, especially with the thickness.

Both displays feature IPS for better viewing angles alongside all the usual HDMI and additional bells and whistles that go along with it. The G-line gaming display has a special mouse-sized controller remote that allows you to quickly swap between different viewing modes and sources. It's basically an extension of the bog standard OCR setting most monitors tend to have. That, and the presence of a very adjustable base that makes the monitor appear to be a good candidate for a multi-display setup.

The 23in C-line touchscreen is priced at a whopping RM1699 while the G-line gaming monitor's price has yet to be announced but will be available starting April 2014.

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