Here's what to expect when Oppo comes to Malaysia

And how about MWC? Any goodies or tidbits of info you can tell us?

If you’ve been following the rumours, you might have read that we’re planning to launch the Find 7. The only thing I can say is it’s a 5.5-inch device, and despite it being that size, it’ll still be easy to use with one hand. You can expect a 2K screen from it and there'll likely be a MEMS camera on it. 

To be honest, our R&D side can be pretty secretive even to Oppo staff. In the case of the N1, even I only knew that there was to be a rotating camera only 2 weeks before its launch.

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Well that wasn't much. How about Malaysia? What else can we expect besides the N1?

First off, you can expect at least four models on launch day. That much I can reveal. They’ll be the Oppo N1, the Oppo R1, Oppo Neo and the Oppo Find 5 Mini. We've got more coming as well. We can’t really tell you the specific models we’re bringing in (you can at least expect the Find 7) but you can expect them to be phones of the mid-high range. We'll be bringing in some lower range phones as well, but they'll be limited to one or two models. In total we’re looking at around 12 to 13 models (including the four we’re launching) for Malaysia.

We're not just stopping at smartphones either. We’re planning on bringing our whole suite of products here. 

Wait, what do you mean by whole suite of products?

In case you didn’t know Oppo doesn’t only produce smartphones. We even have Blu-Ray players, speakers and even earphones. And yes, we're planning to bring them over as well. Just wait for them.

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