PrioVR exoskeleton teams up with Oculus Rift to create the ultimate virtual reality gaming experience

We've just drooled all over our keyboards. And we don't even mind

Not only have we got an improved version of Oculus Rift to look forward to here in CES, but now our favourite VR headset is teaming up with the PrioVR – a full-body tracking suit.

Comprising of a set of strap-on sensors which attach to your head, torso, arms and legs, YEI Technology's PrioVR system is able to accurately track intricate movements like peeking around corners, or rolling around on the ground.

Combined with Wii-like nunchuk controls and the already-impressive Oculus Rift headset, it opens up a whole new world of interactivity to gamers and geeks alike.

The PrioVR will try its luck on 14 February on Kickstarter and the modular system can be snapped up for US$400 (RM1314) for the whole suit, or US$270 (RM887) for the torso half.

After raising 'only' US$110,000 of its US$225,000 goal on its first Kickstarter attempt, we can only hope that gamers' wallets will burst wide open after the support from Oculus Rift at CES.

We think we just found our perfect Valentine's Day present.

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[via CNET, main image: GameSpot]

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