The Nissan BladeGlider is an electric supercar that looks as good as it sounds

Oh look, Batman has new eco-friendly mini Batmobile

BladeGlider. Just saying it out loud makes us feel more manly. It also makes us think of razors, but you'll have a hard time shaving with Nissan's newly revealed supercar concept.

Built from carbon fibre with a wide rear and narrow nose, it's built for speed with sleek looks to match.

Its automatic gull wing doors and rear-tires fitted with in-wheel electric motors also mean that – combined with its low weight – it'll guzzle up less energy than Nissan's existing Leaf EV.

Seat-sliding shenanigans

The BladeGlider's single centred driver's seat automatically slides towards either of the open doors for easy entry, and we're pretty sure we'd drain the battery flat with just this one feature alone. We're mature like that, you see.

Actual details like max speed, horsepower and gigawatts per second are all absent for the time being, but we're hoping that Nissan will reveal more juicy details in the near future.

[via Engadget]

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