MWC 2014: Asus lifts lid on ZenFone, Fonepad 7 and PadFone mini

As expected, the Taiwanese company rolls out updated versions of its current lineup as well as a newcomer

Asus had three items on show at the Mobile World Congress 2014, all three being smartphones. The ZenFone, Fonepad 7 and PadFone mini.

The FonePad 7 is basically an update of its popular mass-market, budget phablet. This iteration comes with LTE, while maintaining the HD IPS screens of earlier versions. The LTE version has a 1.6GHz processor while the 3G version has a 1.2GHz processor instead.

As for the PadFone mini, it is a 4in smartphone that docks into a small 7in tablet, an alternative for users who might have considered the original PadFone too big.

For those who want a larger hybrid device, the new PadFone has a 5in smartphone that snaps into a 10in tablet. It also comes with a 13-megapixel camera and a quad-core 2.2GHz processor.

Asus ZenFone series offers plenty of colour

As for the ZenFone, it is not just one phone but a line of phones with screens that range from four to six inches, with various colours to choose from.

You can choose from either the ZenFone 4, the ZenFone 5, and the ZenFone 6. While all the phones use Asus PixelMaster camera technology, the ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 6 have an additional low-light mode to help create better pictures in less ideal light conditions.

Pricing has yet to be announced but we will keep you updated.

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