Intelligent smartphone security system can tell if you're the real owner

The smart system learns your tapping habits and rejects users who attempt to hack into your mobile device

Here's a new way to make your smartphone smarter: have it be able to tell if you're its rightful owner.

That's what cybersecurity researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are working on. They've come up with a system that monitors how you use a phone; the way you tap, the way you swipe and records your tendencies.

The system, called LatentGesture, will then reject someone whose actions do not match the real owner's tendencies. Think of it as a more advanced version of Android's unlock pattern and LG's KnockCode.

They have found it to be nearly 98% accurate on smartphones and 97% correct on tablets. It will be able to store five touch 'signatures', one for the owner and four more for other specified guests.

Smarter smartphones

One benefit, says the researchers, is that the system runs in the background without needing to do extra steps.

“It’s pretty easy for someone to look over your shoulder while you’re unlocking your phone and see your password,” said Samuel Clarke, a College of Computing student working on the application. But LatentGesture will be able to shut someone unauthorised out even if they have your unlock password.

Sounds like research that we can't wait to see pan out in the real world.

[Source: GeorgiaTech]

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