HTC shows us how wearable tech is done with the HTC Gluuv

Smartwatch? That's so 20th century, dude

HTC's a fighter alright. But its latest announcement will strike fear into the heart of all mobile companies who thought they had the edge in the smartwatch arena. Now say hello to HTC's Gluuv.

Wearable tech is great only if there's a cool, 'wow' factor, and the Gluuv has plenty of that. With what looks like a funky glove with a Michael Jackson-esque vibe, HTC is set to truly revolutionise how you use your phone. Rather than holding a phone in your hand, the glove lets you connect your phone to it, something like those snazzy wristcoms they had in Dick Tracy. Except, you know, cooler. It'll even integrate seamlessly with the HTC One (M8) so that everybody knows just what phone you're using right now.

HTC is all excited about its new device, enthusing most profusely that the Gluuv will be "empowering you to unleash your imagination and communicate in ways you thought only lived beyond tomorrow".

Show the Gluuv some love

Your HTC Gluuv can also make social media a truly integral part of your life. Just use gestures to activate your apps - thumbs up a cafe to like it on Facebook, or just swipe your hand right to talk to that cool looking stranger on Tinder.

With an 87.2 megapixel camera, HTC Gluuv pictures are as easy a fist bump too. Pound the landscape to get that perfect shot, and just pinch for the ultimate Bokeh effect with Gestural Filters.

It's not just about a shiny glove, either. The HTC Gluuv has a great accessory in the HTC Boombass that looks like those old school boomboxes. Wireless, durable and, HTC says, humongous, it'll even let you change tracks by simply tapping it. Yes, we can dig that.

HTC's truly done it this time. The Gluuv will surely pound its way into your heart.

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