Rising Stars: The Top Five Games At Korea’s Biggest Game Expo

Black Desert (PC)

The Skinny: What’s grander than having a graphic-intensive online RPG with a meaty combat system with third and first-person perspectives? How about putting in open-world elements like house-building, horse-breeding and country-wide trading? Black Desert is taking a lot from other RPGs like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dark Souls – open world traits for the former, movement and animation styles for the other- and adds an online spin to it.

Four classes are available (Fighter, Archer, Magician, Predator), with each of them having their own sub-classes featuring different skills for specific play-styles. The big draw here, however, is developer Pearl Abyss’ self-created game engine that loads the open world of Black Desert seamlessly from continent to continent. That same engine make the game’s visuals bloody gorgeous, for lack of a better term.

Coupled with a night-and-day system, castle sieges, and other MMO trappings like player guilds and PvP, this game aims to become the “be-all-end-all” of MMOs in general.

Localization Fate: This possible magnitude-level adventure will be in English. Right now, the developer is in talks with Sony on doing a PS4 version of the game for a worldwide audience. Even with no concrete date, since the Korean version is still in beta, English-speaking players looking for a fresh new MMO that tackles the “massively” part of the genre can be rest assured that Black Desert’s English iteration is only a matter of time. It may clash with a game that’s achieving the same mechanics and goals: Elder Scrolls Online.


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