Best quotable moments from The Walking Dead in Singapore

The end is nigh

Their weapon of choice for an impending zombie apocalypse

Lincoln: Durian.

Reedus: You look at it and you think "fruit". But it tastes nothing like fruit.

Taking a one-way trip on Mars One

Lincoln: No way. Have you seen Gravity? I’m not getting in a spacecraft anywhere in the near future.

Reedus: I would totally do it, and I would Instagram the entire thing.

The show’s high mortality rate

Lincoln: Losing Scott Wilson (Hershel) caused me to go into a slump for a couple of weeks. It’s never not a painful experience. Scott Wilson’s a legend, it’s so sad.

Reedus: He was just staying with me in New York like a week ago. He’s still a good friend of ours. He’s his golfing buddy.

Lincoln: Yeah, the main reason I’m upset is because I’m going to lose so much money. I used to beat him so hard and take so much money off Scott Wilson.

Reedus: And the Governor.

Lincoln: I’ve lost my golfing buddies. 

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