The best pen in the universe scans objects, lets you draw in every colour imaginable

Just when you thought pen technology couldn't get any more advanced…

You're excited about a pen? Is there some sort of stationary fetish I should be aware of?
This is no ordinary pen. The Scribble is a hi-tech writing implement, and it'll make your entire collection of fancy writing implements obsolete in an instant.

Pssh. Wake me up when it's got orange ink.
It does. And not just orange either. Any shade of orange you can imagine. Or see for that matter.

The Scribble, you see, has a built-in RGB colour sensor which can scan any object to capture its colour information.

Once captured, it's able to recreate that colour by blending together colours from a number of ink cartridges. There's also an accompanying app which lets you select colours on your mobile device, if there's no colours around you to inspire you. 

Basically, it's a printer disguised as a pen. What a wonderful time to be alive, eh?

This is amazing. But given how expensive printer ink is...
Fear not. For starters, you can buy individual ink cartridges as opposed to a whole set. Scribble also promises that the cartridges will be no more than US$10 (RM33), and they should last up to several months. And yes, they're recyclable too.

Is this yet another thing I have to charge?
Well, yes, it'll need to sip back on power via microUSB every once in a while, but that's a small price to pay for a freaking magic pen, don't you think?

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Right. I want one. Now.
We like the enthusiasm. But you'll have to wait a little while before you start scanning colours. The Scribble Ink will be available to pre-order on Kickstarter soon, for US$150 (RM484).

There's also a cheaper US$80 (RM258) Scribble Stylus version, which has a stylus tip and no ink cartridges, designed for tablet use. The Ink variant also comes with an attachable stylus tip. Happy scribbling.

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