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Samsung opens its own tech museum

We never saw this coming. We’ve all been to museums with dinosaurs and mummies, but one of “prehistoric’ tech tools, now that’s a first. Located at South Korea in line with its 45th anniversary, the museum houses a range of tech – from the first few tech inventions to Samsung’s future tech predictions. 

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Apple goes green

We’re not talking about an unripe apple here. The iPad and iPhone maker has embarked on a corporate strategy to take the environmental route. You’ll be hearing lots more from them on how they’re planning to lower the amount of electronic junk in landfills and boosting its dependence on alternate power sources.  

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Lenovo leaks info on its own 10in tablet

Lenovo surely doesn’t know how to keep a secret. It confirmed that it has a 10in Windows tablet coming out soon, by accidentally posting about it on its Australian site – ahead of any official announcement. Pricing wasn’t mentioned but a handful of its specs were. Oops! That’s one big booboo right there Lenovo.

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Pinterest adds new search features

Pinterest wants you to waste more time on it. It has unveiled a new Guided Search function on its mobile app that brings up related filters when you search for something in specific. Try searching burgers – you’ll get quick recipes of it or even a meat lover pin. Damn it, we’re getting hungry.

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Get excited with Google’s Project Ara

All that fuss over Lego has translated itself into smartphone design – Google has conceptualised Project Ara, a concept for a modular phone handset, which the search giant says will go on sale in January 2015. Sounds cool doesn’t it? This may well be the most significant and popular hardware project of Google’s.

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