10 more than meets the eye facts about Transformers

10) Transformers in Real life!

No, we’re not talking about this guy. And not even these toys. Even though they are really cool. We’re talking about this! 

This might be the first real Transformer. It’s to scale: it looks like a ball, it rolls around like a ball and you can kick it around, but pop a switch and boom, it’s a crazy spider robot. So how long before Google buys it and gives it the A.I. treatment? Once it reaches self-awareness, it’ll be the one doing all the kicking, with all its other transforming robot pals.

We know some of you are actually looking forward to that kind of thing and it might be a while yet before things come to pass. In the meantime you can always fantasize about living with gigantic autonomous transforming robots when Transformers: Age of Extinction hits our theatres on 26 June.

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