Sony Xperia XZ3 preview: Everything we know so far

UPDATED: Leaked renders seemingly reveal all before IFA 2018

Time sure flies in the smartphone world. It was just this past February that Sony unveiled the Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact, and now the rumour mill suggests that we're just days away from seeing the Xperia XZ3.

Could that possibly be true? Turnover after six months seems mad, but while the Xperia XZ2 was a fine flagship, it didn't set the market on fire – and it didn't stand out as a complete package compared to the likes of the Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S9, or even the lower-priced OnePlus 6.

Leaks and rumours suggest a more refined package with some big perks in the mix, and maybe it'll be enough to turn the tide in favour of Sony again. Curious? Here's everything we've heard so far.