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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked launch live blog: Everything that happened as the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 launched

Get your popcorn and credit card at the ready

We’ve been waiting for the Samsung Unpacked event since the invites went out a few weeks ago. The day is finally here, and we’re expecting to see the new Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 revealed at the launch.

As per launch event tradition, Samsung has a live stream for fans to watch on the event (embedded below). But, if you can’t watch the live stream, you can follow along with our live blog here. We’ll keep you up to date with everything going on at the event!

The event is scheduled to start at 3pm GMT today (February 9), or 10am EST/7am PST if you’re in the US. Check back just before the event starts for our coverage.

Unpacked 2022 live coverage:

Just because the event’s over, doesn’t mean our coverage is…


Since the Galaxy Unpacked event is over, were wrapping up the live blog here. Thanks for tuning in to the live blog to see the latest on Samsung’s products.

Don’t worry, though, just because the live blog is over, doesn’t mean our coverage is. You can check out our hands-on reviews, images, and thoughts on the products here:

And that’s a wrap!


That wraps up the Galaxy Unpacked event for today. The live stream is continuing with some promo videos for now, but the event is officially over.

We saw some very impressive features and specs across the Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 line-up today, so you should be excited to get your hands on them!

Just to remind you, pre-orders for all devices are starting today on Samsung’s website, and most of the devices have some web-exclusive colours. Devices will start shipping from the end of February to the start of March, depending on specific models and availability.

4 generations of upgrades


Samsung is combatting Apple by promising 4 generations of upgrades. “And this is just the beginning” Samsung says. The company will continue to explore new solutions.

Improves on Galaxy for the Planet


Samsung is focusing on products’s lifetime, making them more sustainable. The new Galaxy S22 devices follow this new initiative.

The Galaxy S22 is the first smartphone to include repurposed fishing nets. Samsung expects to remove over 50 tonnes of fishing net plastic waste from the ocean this year alone.

It’s going to scale this new initiative to all products in the future.

Most trusted security platforms included


Privacy and security are a number one priority for Samsung. It stands for Protection, Transparency, and Choice. It is constantly adding extra layers of protection to secure your data.

New Samsung digital wallet


Store card information, keys, and ID in the secure wallet. It also has options for cryptocurrency. It’s built with high-end security layers, so your information will stay safe.

Samsung says this is just the start, and it is working with partners to improve the experience in the future. Samsung has done this to again improve the ecosystem.

Samsung going big on the ecosystem!


Samsung is calling its ecosystem Galaxy Experience. Samsung demos OneUI’s cross-device experience, including with Windows devices. It has upgraded the OneUI 4 experience today.

You can install apps on your Galaxy Watch in just one tap


Samsung is updating the Watch experience with some minor software tweaks alongside the new device. This includes easier app installation, being able to use your phone to track activity progress, sleep tracking, and more. These updates are available today.

The company has done this to improve its ecosystem experience. It feels like this is a direct response to Apple’s ecosystem.

Pre-orders start today


Pre-orders from Samsung’s website start today. You’re looking at £649 for the Tab S8 and £849 for the Tab S8 Plus. The Tab S8 Ultra clocks in at £999 for the base model. There are also some web-exclusive colour options to choose from!

“The most powerful Galaxy Tab yet” Samsung says


The tablets come with a 4nm processor and you can configure them with up to 16GB RAM. Each tablet has a S Pen included while they all expandable storage.

4K front-facing camera on the Tab S8


You’ll be able to stream in very high-quality video, with the tablets’ 4K front-facing camera. You’ll be able to edit videos directly from the devices too.

The rest of the tablet is just as impressive


All the tablets have smart aluminium metal enclosures and are lightweight, starting at 503g for the Tab S8. It’s a mere 6.3mm thick.

Here’s just how big the Tab S8 Ultra is, and how good it looks. We’re holding it next to an iPhone 13 Pro.


The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is huge!


The Galaxy Tab S8 and S8 Plus are direct successors to the 2021 Tab S7 series, coming in at the same 11 inch and 12.4 inch displays, respectively.

But, they pale in comparison to the all-new Tab S8 Ultra. This thing is HUGE, with a 14.6in display, dwarfing the other Tab S8 devices. The Ultra’s display is also AMOLED, so will look as crispy as it can on the massive screen.

First look at the Galaxy Tab S8 series


Samsung officially unveils the new Galaxy Tab S8 line-up


Samsung wants to encourage “Work & Play” with the new Tab S8 series. It launches with a The Batman promo.

There are going to be three new tablets, introducing an Ultra tablet.

Pre-orders for S22 Ultra starting today


You can pre-order both devices from Samsung’s website today. The S22 Ultra starts from $1199. There are also some web-exclusive colour options to choose from!

Rober Kyncl from YouTube joins


Samsung and YouTube have a new partnership to empower content creation on the platform. “One of the best ways to watch YouTube is on a Samsung device” Kyncl says.

You can create YouTube Shorts more easily than on other devices, but Kyncl didn’t explain how.

Samsung customers are being offered an extended free trial of YouTube Premium. Previously, it was three months, but no timeframe has been specified today.

Galaxy ecosystem makes photo editing easier


The Galaxy S22 Ultra syncs with OneDrive to make editing photos easier. Of course, you can use it to share other files easily too.

Massive battery packed into the S22 Ultra


The Ultra boasts a 5000mAh battery that charges to 50% in less than 20 minutes. It’s one of the fastest batteries Samsung has used yet!

Powerful collection of cameras on the S22 Ultra


Samsung believes everyone should be able to share “their unique perspective on the world”. The S22 brings a quad-camera system to “elevate the camera experience once again”, and create a “new industry standard.

The Ultra’s camera setup doesn’t mess about, with a 108MP main camera, a 12MP ultrawide and two 10MP telephotos with different levels of optical zoom. There’s also a 40MP selfie-cam.

All of the cameras benefit from improved AI called Deep Learning that processes up to four times more data when you take a photo, sharpening detail and reducing noise.

The cameras also have new lens-glare reducing coatings, to further improve the photo-taking experience. All camera still benefit from Night Mode, too.

For the first time, you can use Pro Mode on all the camera lenses, to better control your camera’s ISO, focus, and more. It also can now store in RAW, similarly to the iPhone 12’s feature.

New cooling system on the Galaxy S22 Ultra


The Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with a new heat-sync cooling system to further boost performance.

Powerful 4nm processer in S22 Ultra


This is Samsung’s most powerful processor yet, meaning the S22 Ultra will be the fastest Galaxy device yet.

Impressive display on Galaxy S22 Ultra


The Ultra boasts a whopping 6.8in QHD+ AMOLED screen. The new Vision Booster feature will help to boost display performance in daylight. Samsung claims it’s the company’s “most advanced display yet”.

Galaxy S22 Ultra is the first Galaxy device with the S-Pen built-in


Other Galaxy devices have had support for the S-Pen, but not the pen built-in. The Galaxy S22 Ultra does, just like the Note range used to. Could this be the end of the Note?

The pen is 3x more responsive on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

First look at the S22 Ultra


Galaxy S22 Ultra now being announced on stage


“It breaks the rules of mobile innovation” Samsung says. It comes in four bold colours. It’s the first Galaxy device with the S-Pen built-in.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 vs Plus vs Ultra: which tablet should you buy?


Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ pre-orders starting today


You can pre-order both devices from Samsung’s website today. The standard S22 starts at £769 for the 128GB version, rising to £819 for 256GB. There are also some web-exclusive colour options to choose from!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra hands-on review: take Note of a new king


Competitive pricing on the Galaxy S22 range


The standard S22 starts at £769 for the 128GB version, rising to £819 for 256GB. The larger Galaxy S22 Plus also comes in at £949 for the 128GB version and £999 for the 256GB version.

Powerful camera set-up on the S22 and S22+


The S22 and S22 Plus boast a triple camera set-up with a 50MP main lens, 10MP ultrawide and 12MP telephoto.

120Hz on all Galaxy S22 devices


The S22 and S22 Plus pack 6.1 and 6.6in displays, respectively. Both displays support 120Hz for a high refresh rate.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus hands-on review: reliably good


Samsung partners with Snapchat for cameras


You’ll be able to use all three cameras with Snapchat and other social media apps, which other smartphones don’t allow. Samsung wants to improve social media photography.

AI Stereo Depth Match comes to the S22


The AI correctly detects smaller objects, such as straws, that you need displayed in images. This will help to improve portrait photos.

Improved cameras on both new smartphones


50MP main camera for better photos, and a 10MP telephoto lens for close-up photos. New Super HDR mode to capture tough backlighting environments. “The camera sets a new standard for smartphones” Samsung says. Demo video shows some impressive low-light shots as well.

Four stylish shades to choose from


First look at the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+


Samsung starts with Bridgerton collaboration in promo video


Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy S22 in a promo video collaboration with the Netflix series Bridgerton. Some popular characters from the series have appeared in the promo video. It’s a device that uses “moving pictures”. Samsung is teasing some of the features, such as its camera capabilities.

The Galaxy Tab S8 and S8 Plus are joined by the monster Tab S8 Ultra


Samsung’s new devices are rewriting innovation


“Best tools for multiple goals. It is the ultimate smartphone to rewrite the rules of innovation”. Samsung speaks about the Galaxy S22 it is about to launch.

Samsung Galaxy S22, Plus and Ultra complete specs and features: everything you need to know


Samsung Global Goals app promotes eco-friendly strategies


The app is there to teach people about the global goals and how to achieve them. It’s particularly aimed at the younger generation, and Samsung wants to introduce new initiatives to encourgae Young Leaders.

Achim Steiner takes the screen to talk about Samsung’s UN partnership


Samsung has partnered with the UN to achieve some goals. Achim Steiner has been introduced to talk about this partnership, Samsung’s eco-friendly goals, how the pandemic has changed goals, and the Samsung Global Goals app.

Samsung teases more eco-friendly changes


The company will explain more of the eco-friendly changes it has made later in the event. It’s following the UN sustainable goals, and this year’s devices have all used plastic from the ocean.

Samsung officially reveals the Galaxy S22 series


Samsung is busy recapping the past year


There’s some reflection on the pandemic and the previous year. Samsung has put billions of devices in hands around the world.

The event is starting now


Just 10 minutes to go


There’s just 10 more minutes to go until the event kicks off. We’re expecting Samsung to announce the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8.

Samsung recaps previous Unpacked event logos while we wait


While we’re waiting for Unpacked to start, Samsung is giving us a refresh of the previous Unpacked logos. There’s no narration, but there is some music. It’s not too exciting, but it’s something to watch while we wait.

Fun fact: The first Galaxy Unpacked event was in June 2009!

Our live coverage of the Unpacked event begins now!


Unpacked is kicking off in about 25 minutes, at 3pm GMT, 10am EST, and 7am PST. Our live coverage is beginning now, bringing you everything that happens at the event.

New updates will appear at the top, just under the live coverage heading. You’ll have to refresh your page to see the latest. We’ll be bringing you updates on what’s going on, images, hands-on coverage, and reviews, all right here.

Strap in, there’s not long to go now!