Catch up on 10 years of the X-mini

X-mini Happy

Forgive the silly name, but the X-mini Happy won plenty of awards with its built-in MP3 player, which meant you could play songs even without a phone to connect to. Just plug in your SD card and go, no Bluetooth connection required. Xmi paved the way for portable speakers everywhere. 

X-mini MAX

These really got people talking. The X-mini MAX line featured not just one, but two quality mini-speakers in the box. It provided excellent volume and depth, especially when positioned separately to engulf you in its quality sound. Talk about a surround sound experience - what a throwback.

X-mini KAI

The X-mini KAI was the next logical step for portability, introducing Bluetooth that has started to see play in portable speakers. Its subsequent models also made X-minis useful not just for leisure, but in the boardroom as well. When it's time for business, the X-mini KAI's conferencing function allowed people to discuss heavy stuff through its speaker.