There may soon be a colourful array of thin MacBook Airs for you to choose from

Rumours claim Apple’s going to update its razor-thin notebook line-up in 2015
There may soon be a colourful array of thin MacBook Airs for you to choose from

Have you ever thought the MacBook Air range is a tad boring in terms of colour options. There’s only the one in silver, not much of a choice at all.

Well, that might be changing very soon. The industry is buzzing with rumours that Apple’s due to update its ultra-thin MacBook Air line-up with a thinner and more visually appealing version. According to MacRumors, these updated units will be 12in and ultra-slim in form factor.

Now, considering that its current generation MacBook Airs are only 13mm at their thickest point, we’re having trouble imagining how much more wafer-like they’re going to get.

Some of the other features it’s said to have include a Retina display, a new button-less trackpad, as well as a fan-less design, which means there could probably be a more energy efficient hard drive or processor built into it.

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What’s more interesting (to us at least) is that the refreshed range will be made available in three colours, somewhat like its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus range. We're assuming, of course, that the leaks turn out to be true. You may be able to choose from the standard silver, in addition to new “special edition” space gray and gold versions.

Just so you know, we’re already frothing over the idea of a gold laptop.

The source indicated that Apple’s been working on this successor for some time already, but this is the first (and hopefully not last) we’ve heard of it. Also, we can probably expect these new MacBook Airs sometime in mid-2015 – we can’t wait.

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