Panasonic says sayonara to plasma TV biz

The company has formally declared its exit from the expensive segment to concentrate on OLEDs

Plasma TV enthusiasts will have to brace themselves as another TV maker has abandoned plasma displays: Panasonic. Now the era of LCD TVs will be upon us whether some like it or not.

Despite what the company says is steady demand for plasma TVs,  LCD and OLED TVs cost less to make and probably sell more than plasmas if you just look at volume.


The end of the Plasma Era

December will see the last few units being made by Panasonic and all related operations will also close shop by March next year.

This is all despite Panasonic bringing out shiny plasmas at this year's CES, but hope remains for Panasonic to use its expertise in plasma to make better OLED TVs. In the meantime, if you happen to want a plasma TV for old time's sake, the ZT60 is currently earning rave reviews. If Panasonic's next OLEDs are as half as good as its plasmas, we should be in for a treat.



[Source: The Verge]