Microsoft’s “Your Phone” App Will Enable Your Computer To Mirror Android Devices

This update will be implemented soon for all Windows 10 platforms

Microsoft will be releasing an update for its “Your Phone” app on Windows 10 that will allow it to mirror notifications from your Android phone onto your PC. This makes good on a promise when Microsoft said that the notifications feature would be implemented.


This update allows you you to sync your Android phone with the app, and will enable you to read and reply to text messages, view photos in your on-device library, and even drag and drop files between both platforms. Once this update hits your Windows machine, the app will also be alerting you to any notification that your paired phone receives.


The update will enable users to take action on those notifications on Twitter, Phone, Whatapp, etc. instead of just their text messages. Microsoft demonstrated this feature to let users take action remotely from their PCs while it is mirroring their Android phone. According to Microsoft’s Vishnu Nath the feature will be called “notification chasing,” and is currently only available in beta for Windows Insiders but will likely be released for others to try in the near future