3 social networking sites we used to know and love

Given Facebook's nosey ways, we long for the simplicity of these dead and buried social networks

Before Facebook pokes even existed, these sites were where the majority of us got our first taste of internet-socialising (stalking). Don't even try to deny it. 

To take you back to the first flush of youth, we've gathered your favourite friend-making sites in one convenient location. Remember those days when no one was trying to mine every ounce of data from you and feeding you fake news? Yeah, we don't either. 

P.S: Guess what, every one of these sites has a Facebook page now. Mark Zuckerberg 1, all other social networking sites 0. 


Chances are when you click on a MySpace account, your senses will be assaulted. Back when more was more, MySpace users loved plastering their profile pages with gifs, headache-inducing looping music, and sight-destroying colours.

Aside from being the much-celebrated birthplace of the selfie, MySpace was also a popular site for musicians looking to share their music. Did it work? Just ask Lily Allen and Arctic Monkeys.

For those looking to relive their emokid days, the site was relaunched in 2013.

Did you know: There’s a spin-off called MyDeathSpace which exists to archive the deaths of MySpace users. On a less morbid note, Tom (everyone’s first helpful MySpace friend) has a Facebook page now, and he hasn't aged a day in years.

Image: NYmag, wiki, Mashable


Never heard of Bebo? You should have. Started in 2005, this networker overtook MySpace in users at the height of its popularity and essentially conquered the UK.

Not only is the Bebo spirit alive and kicking, it’s also managed to split itself into three new apps in true networking fashion. The only way to work the room (in this case, the Internet) is by multiplying. Good divide-and-conquer strategy, Bebo.

Did you know: There was a section of the site, called Bebo Authors, that was dedicated to wannabe writers to upload sections of their books to get them reviewed. Bet you didn’t, because no one ever got on Bebo to read books.

Image: AllThingsD


Before wall posts, there were testimonials. Instead of using "walls" to communicate, people were verifying other people’s characters by way of these Friendster endorsements. And who can forget the human mind map that indicated how far removed you were from a stranger?

To survive, one must evolve. And evolve Friendster did - into a social gaming site. And it even has a Facebook page with a pretty impressive following now too.

Did you know: Friendster’s name came from combining “friend” and Napster (which is a whole other story in itself). Once upon a time, at the peak of its popularity, shopping-maniac Google offered US$30 million to acquire the site which it declined. Sometimes, it pays to be a sellout.

Image: gadel, Blogspot, Kogibbq

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