Portronics’ Sound Grip takes Hi-Fi head-on with these wireless speakers

The red, blue and grey of portable sound
05 January 2018 / 12:15IST

Portronics has managed to get a Bluetooth speaker out there that is thoughtfully and stylishly designed, without compromising on the clarity of sound. The metallic handle on the side is a great addition, making the device refreshingly portable. This little sound arm candy is available for 2999 at the Portronics website in red, blue and grey. Buy all if you feel like carrying the colour to suit your mood and the multi-connectivity makes its portability even more convenient. The Portronics Sound Grip isn’t just a good looking speaker. There is a frequency range from 250 to 2000Hz that’s packed inside this 365gm box of wonder so you can chill in style surrounded by the sounds you want to hear. If you want something chunkier than this, then look elsewhere.