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Apple TV with camera: rumors, price, and expected release date

Rumours say the Apple TV streaming box is getting a camera, for FaceTime and other features. Here's everything we know so far

Apple TV and Siri Remote

If you’ve got the latest Apple smartphone in your pocket, chances are an Apple TV runs your TV viewing. And if it doesn’t then it should, giving you extra functionality and a great viewing experience. But it seems the streaming box isn’t quite as the tech giant wants it yet, with rumours suggesting it’s getting the addition of a camera soon.

There’s nothing official yet, but the rumour mill has been churning away. Here’s everything we expect for an Apple TV with a built-in camera.

Apple TV with camera: potential release date and price

Given Apple’s typical release secretive strategy, predicting an exact release date is tricky. However, we can make educated guesses based on Apple analyst Mark Gurman’s insights and Apple’s historical product launch patterns. Gurman reckons the device is still in the “investigative and engineering phases” as of early 2024. So, a late 2024 announcement seems unlikely, and a 2025 release is more plausible.

This would align with Apple’s typical September and October launches for major new categories. In the past, the Apple TV has released alongside the latest iPhone in September. Plus, with Apple’s penchant for holiday season releases, a late 2025 release would target when consumers are most ready to splurge.

Apple HomePod 2

If this device is to combine the functionality of an Apple TV, a HomePod, and introduce camera capabilities (more on all this later), it’s not going to be cheap. Current Apple TVs start around the $149/£149 mark, and HomePod minis ask you to part with $99/£99. Since Siri already lives inside the streaming box, the only new major hardware addition would be a camera. We’d expect pricing to be north of $200/£200 if the device hits the shelves.

Expected features on Apple’s updated streaming box

The headlining feature on this rumoured new device is the built-in camera. It isn’t just for show, it’s expected to be the centrepiece of this device’s appeal. High-definition FaceTime calls on your TV from the built-in camera would drastically improve living room conversations, making distant family members feel like they’re sitting right there with you. The potential inclusion of gesture controls adds a layer of interactivity. Imagine pausing your show with a hand gesture. This could be a game-changer in how we interact with our TVs.

It looks like the device could also serve as the command centre for your smart home. The current Apple TV and HomePod already play nicely with HomeKit, allowing you to control lights, thermostats, and other gadgets with your voice. A camera-equipped Apple TV could take this further, possibly recognizing who is in the room and adjusting settings to their preferences. Or, it could even act as a security camera of sorts when you’re not home.

Apple TV update

Based on previous launches, at the heart of this device, we’d expect the A15 Bionic chip. Brought down from the iPhone 13 series, it would offer plenty of power. This could allow for a smooth interface, quick app loading, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously without breaking a sweat. It could also mean this device will be future-proof, capable of receiving and running the latest tvOS updates for years to come.

With tvOS at its core, this Apple TV will undoubtedly offer all the streaming services and apps you’re used to, with the added bonus of HomePod-like functionalities. Siri will likely play a significant role, enabling voice commands for not just content search, but also smart home control and making calls. There might even be new, yet-to-be-announced features that take advantage of the camera and the device’s position as a home hub.

But how likely is this Apple TV with a camera?

If you’re familiar with your living room tech, you no doubt recognise this as being similar to the Facebook (now Meta) Portal. But we’re not too sure this Apple TV with a camera will ever see the light of day.

It doesn’t feel very Apple, where there’s a feature that already lets you use your iPhone as a camera for FaceTime on your TV. A built-in camera on an Apple TV would be lower resolution. We’ve also not seen it appear in code, with recent iOS betas mentioning the rumoured HomePod with a screen. If you ask me, this will be an Apple device that doesn’t make it out of testing.

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