Next Big Thing: Self-aware headphones

These headphones can get you out of a tangle – they know which ear's which

Aaagh, to the bunkers, the audio kit has achieved sentience

Not so fast, these headphones only want to help humanity get out of a tangle.

How? Speak fast, I'm locking this bunker

The Universal Earphones Project, designed by the science-wizards at the Japan Science and Technology Agency, has come up with a pair of headphoens that know which ear they're sitting in. So you need never get your stereo mix in a muddle by sticking the left earphone in your right ear.

Sounds clever. How do they work?

Ahaha, I see what you did there. One earpiece sports a proximity sensor; if it's pointing towards you it plays the left channel, if it's pointing away it plays the right channel. It can even work out if you're sharing your tunes with a friend and play a mono mix to both headphones. Check out the video below for more details.

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