Nemesis fastest electric car ever breaks world record today

Batteries might be the baby brother to fuel when it comes to engine power, but this little sibling just grew-up

Electric cars are still sprayed with the livery of inferiority when compared to combustion-powered vehicles. But now kilowatts can finally compete with gasoline grunt as a new UK speed record for an electric road car was set today by the Nemesis.

The modified Lotus Exige smashed the world record for fastest electric car today by hitting 148mph at a track in York. Ecotricity, the company that built this seemingly lightning powered car, says it could hypothetically hit 200mph if conditions were better. They're going to keep breaking conventions, and speed limits, to hit that target.

But don’t expect to see the Nemesis on the road showing off its Nissan Leaf-beating 150 mile range as it’s built primarily for the track. But it’s good to know cars like this and the Tesla charging stations are bringing our electric driving dreams ever closer to roadgoing reality.

[via Guardian]

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