Make your own club classics with Ministry of Sound iDrum

So anyone who listens to dance music and says "Well, anyone could do that" isn't far off the mark these days.Ministry of Sound has just launched the i

Ministry of Sound has just launched the iDrum app for iPhone and iPod touch which lets you monkey around with floor-fillers of yesteryear to create your own pumpin' classics.

Choose from over 300 samples of some of the biggest choons in dance history (think Encore une Fois, Blue Monday, Professional Widow) then the funky little interface lets you build beats and layer your track using simple taps on the screen.

There's also 20 unique kits to help you get started, so even if you've never even had a sniff of some deck you can become a mobile DJ. There's a YouTube vid of it in action here.

It's also a very clever way to promote Ministry of Sound Anthems II, the new album of over a decade of ravey daveyness which is out now...