Hidden Bookcase door is the ideal accessory for your evil lair

Looking for an entrance worthy of your super-secret man cave? Allow us to end your search

If you've got a room filled with cold war spy equipment or a record-breaking collection of Pokemon plushies, privacy will be an important issue. Sure you could spend a fortune on complicated laser alarms and trained guard dogs, but who wants to worry about repair costs and dog food expenses? Not us.

Save yourself the hassle and ensure your secrets are never revealed with this hidden bookcase door which slides open smoothly, thanks to its floor-mounted rails.

Forget the zany book-opening system from the silver screen. This method is far more reliable and won't have you scrambling around for the opening mechanism when the inevitable zombie uprising makes its way to your front door.

Available from US$3000 from Opulent Items, the hidden bookcase door is the ideal solution for adventurous home owners with a flexible budget. Did we mention that you can put things on its shelves too? Because you totally can.

[Opulent Items via Gizmodo]

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