Circle concept reinvents the printer

Got a desk full of glorious hardware with an ugly duckling printer ruining everything? You need the Circle

Yang Jae Wook's Circle printer is a sleek Helter Skelter-style computer peripheral we'd gladly stick on our desks. There's just one flaw: the Circle is just a concept for now.

Posted on Yanko Design, mock ups show that this "continuous printer" takes up less space and looks infinitely better than regular printers – all good stuff considering we no longer print off every email we receive.

The sheet of paper slots in the top of Circle and then rotates around the vertical drum before it's ejected out the other side. It's not a particularly revolutionary mechanism – pun intended – but no-one seems to have applied the idea in this way before.

Something tells us the designer might be getting a few calls from HP and Canon before long. Cloud-connect these babies and every designer in town will want one.

via The Verge

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