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Apple Peek Performance event live blog: Where a new iPhone SE, iPad Air, Mac, and Display were announced

The event could be a bit bigger than we first expected - here's our Apple Event live blog

Welcome to our Apple Event live blog! Apple fans have been keen for the first event of 2022, and that day is finally here. We’re expecting updates to the iPhone SE and iPad Air, alongside a surprising brand-new Mac device.

Like most events, Apple has a live stream for fans to watch on the event (you can find this below). But, if you can’t watch the live stream, you can follow along with our Apple Event live blog here. We’ll keep you up to date with everything going on at the event!

The event is scheduled to start at 6pm GMT today (March 8), or 1pm EST/10am PST if you’re in the US. Check back just before the event starts for our coverage.

Peek Performance live coverage:

Just because the event’s over, doesn’t mean our coverage is…


Since the Peek Performance event is over, were wrapping up the live blog here. Thanks for tuning in to the live blog to see the latest on Apple’s products.

Don’t worry, though, just because the live blog is over, doesn’t mean our coverage is. You can check out our other coverage on the new products here:

And that’s it, the event it over.


It was a great event with some fantastic announcements!

Mac Pro update teased… but not just yet


Pre-orders start today for Mac Studio and Studio Display.


The Mac Studio starts at £1,999 for the M1 Max or £3,999 for the M1 Ultra. The display starts at £1,599 with a choice of stand options. You can order both products today, and they’ll start shipping on March 18.

The Studio Display is a 5K display. It brings Center Stage, Spatial Audio, and 4 ports to a display.


And now on to the Studio Display


On the eco-friendly side, the Mac Studio will use 1,000 kWh less energy per year than other computers.


Apple is really focusing on the Studio


The Mac Studio is Apple’s fastest computer now.


The M1 Ultra Mac Studio is 50% faster than the current Mac Pro, Apple’s fastest computer. The graphics are also 3.4x faster. This makes the Mac Studio Apple’s new fastest device.

Mac Studio offers M1 Max and M1 Ultra.


Apple announces new Mac Studio desktop computer and an external display to go alongside it


And the Studio Display!


Here is the Mac Studio!


Modular system between device and display


Gap between iMac and Mac mini. Mac Studio about to come, right?


New Mac incoming! Focus on the Studio. The rumours were right!


Over to the devs for feedback on Apple Silicon!


“You don’t even have time to stir your coffee because the app is already open”. Developers and professionals are claiming much faster speeds on the new M1 Ultra.

Security features on the chip. Apple is continuing to put security first! Apple is also thrilled with the pace of the Apple Silicon transition.


Apple’s comparing the chip to more stats, it’s not necessarily the most detailed graph. But, no surprises, the M1 chips win!


800 Gb/s and 128GB unified memory with new M1 Ultra. This absolutely thrashes any PC, claims Apple.


Explaining how M1 Max chips have an architecture that allows stacking


It’s very technical stuff. Essentially, two M1 Max chips can be connected. This UltraFusion technology has 2x faster speeds than any other similar chips. 114 billion transistors, with 7x performance to the normal M1.

One more M1 chip… the M1 Ultra


We’re getting a quick recap of Apple Silicon chips (M1)


Now onto the Macs


iPad Air starting at the same price!


This new iPad Air introduces the M1 chip to the Air range, and brings 5G and Center Stage from the Pro line-up.


It’ll be available at the same price of £599. The colours include Grey, Starlight, Purple, and a new Blue. Pre-orders start on Friday, with shipping starting March 18.

M1 coming to this new iPad Air, along with new colours


This means the new iPad Air is as powerful as the iPad Pro. In fact, Apple calls it the fastest tablet available on the market for the price. That’s impressive!

Now onto the iPad Air


Pre-order new iPhone SE from March 18 from £429


New iPhone SE introduces 5G


New iPhone SE available in Starlight, Product Red, and Blue


The A15 Bionic is coming to something else… the new iPhone SE


Apple’s most powerful mobile chip is on the way to a new generation of the iPhone SE. It’s really powerful.

Apple is offering two new iPhone 13 colours: green and green


There are two different options for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, both green.

Starting with iPhone!


There’s something exciting to share for Apple TV+!


Apple TV+ will start broadcasting live sports in the US. This will start with “Friday Night Baseball” for baseball games exclusively streamed on Apple TV+.

First look at Apple’s Christmas film with Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, as well as the company’s animated movie from a Pixar creator.


What’s coming up on Apple TV+?


Cook’s showing a brief preview for some of Apple’s upcoming content for Apple TV+, along with a look back at some of the most popular. We’re excited for some of the movies previewed!

Cook’s starting off by talking about Apple TV+


He’s referencing some of Apple’s most popular TV shows and hit movies, including multiple Academy Award winners.

Tim Cook is on the stage and wasting no time diving in


Apple’s back with another intro, killing it as per usual


It’s time to begin. Sit back, and relax!


Just mere minutes to go! Who’s excited for the event to start?


Apple is treating us to some Peek Performance graphics


In usual Apple fashion, we’ve got some graphics in the style of the Peek Performance graphic. There’s also a soundtrack with some pretty good songs, warming everyone up for the event ahead.

Our live coverage of Peek Performance begins now!


Get your popcorn ready, Apple’s Peek Performance event is kicking off in roughly 35 minutes. As a refresher, it starts at 6pm GMT, 13am EST, and 10am PST. Our live coverage is beginning now, bringing you everything that happens at the event.

New updates will appear at the top, just under the live coverage heading. You’ll have to refresh your page to see the latest. We’ll be bringing you updates on what’s going on, images, hands-on coverage, and reviews, all right here.

There are currently 50 thousand people waiting to watch Apple’s live stream right now. You can catch up with the stream via the YouTube video above, or through the Apple TV app on any device.

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