Panasonic says that the G9 offers the best image quality of any Lumix G camera to date – and after having used it for some time, it’s easy to agree with that statement.

Colours are rich and vibrant, displaying a good level of warmth. You can shoot with different Picture Styles depending on the subject, but the “Standard” setting is a good all-round option, while “Vivid” is useful for subjects as landscapes and so on.

Details are also very well reproduced by the 20MP sensor, with lots of well-rendered, fine detail. Images remain mainly noise free up until around ISO 3200. After which, noise starts to creep in from ISO 6400, being visible even at small sizes by the time you get to ISO 12800 and certainly ISO 25600.

Exposures are generally very well balanced, being handled by the all-purpose metering setting, and it’s rare that you’ll find your hand hovering over the exposure compensation dial.

Similarly, automatic white balance puts in a very solid performance, coping admirably well with different lighting conditions including artificial and overcast.

Panasonic Lumix G9 verdict

The G9 is the best Lumix camera to date and a cracking choice for wildlife or action photography.

Naturally, there’s a trade-off with that Micro Four Thirds sensor – as great as the G9’s images are, they’re not on a par with with a full-frame camera, particularly in low light situations.

But the plus sides are lightning shooting speed, a much lower price tag and smaller lenses. If you’re looking for a camera for your travels, the G9 and its system of light and small lenses could be ideal.

With 4K video and handy shooting modes like High Resolution also on board, it’s one of most versatile high-end mirrorless cameras you can buy right now.

Stuff says... 

Panasonic Lumix G9 review

The perfect companion for the travelling wildlife photographer and one of the best compact system cams around
Good Stuff 
Very fast frame rates
Small, light lenses
Rich, vibrant photos
Bright and clear viewfinder
Bad Stuff 
Small sensor
Relatively low pixel count
Large body for a CSC
Comparatively short battery life

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