Xiaomi furthers sporty ambitions, teams up with Li Ning for smart shoe project

Li Ning is known more for its range of badminton gear, but the collab is about running shoes

Xiaomi is furthering its sport band's reach thanks to a partnership with sportings good producer Li Ning. The latter's been trying hard to reach a younger market, even signing a hefty deal with NBA superstar Dwayne Wade in 2013. Over in Asia, though, the brand's more known for its badminton rackets and accessories.


Mi Band the new fitness band du jour?

Xiaomi's Mi Band's biggest appeal is its low price point compared to it expensive competitors, and Li Ning hopes to leverage on that by making smart shoes that are affordable.

What will happen: smart chips will be created and then embedded in Li Ning running shoes soles. The chips will sync to a Xiaomi mobile app, much like how Nike Fit works on its shoes.

With both companies being based in China, it makes sense that certain challenges such as geographical and cultural differences won't be an issue in collaborating. The question is though whether Xiaomi's great specs for cheap model will translate to something like running shoes.

[Source: Reuters via Engadget]