WiFi-enabled Roomba will spend more time cleaning, less time bumping into furniture

Roomba 980 will use a camera to map your house's layout

A newly revealed WiFi-enabled Roomba 980 was introduced and it aims to keep your furnitures and walls dent free as it uses WiFi and its camera to map your house

The new Roomba will use visual localisation and cloud-connected app controls to paint itself a layout of your home.

It is even outfitted with sensors that helps the Roomba adjust its cleaning patterns to random obstructions or furniture. A full battery charge allows the robotic cleaner two hours of operating time before it has to automatically return to its charging station.

The Roomba 980 isn’t going to be cheap as it is going for US$899 but Roomba lovers might appreciate less Roomba-made scuffs on the walls.

[source : Gizmodo]