Vax's Blade Cordless vacuum is all suck, no wires

With great suction comes great responsibility

A cordless vacuum? Really?

Oh, so you don't want to hear about the Vax Blade Cordless and its trademarked Direct Helix Technology? Or learn about its 32V Lithium battery and the 45 minutes of top-class suction it delivers? Well, all I can say is that you're missing out.

45 minutes, you say? I'd pay for that.

Now who's interested? Well, luckily for you, I'm in a mood to talk about vacuums. So, here goes: the Blade packs a sideways dirt bin which, according to Vax, creates a cyclone that works in any dimension, without losing power. By which we can only assume they mean vertically or horizontally, rather than a new theoretical spatial dimension. Ahem.

I'll be able to Hoover the ceiling, then?

No, not Hoover! Vax! But, yes, you'll be able to cleanse your walls, floors, ceilings and, well, just about every surface of dust, dirt and more. The weighting of the main unit has been distributed to hang from your hand at just the right angle, with a lovely power button right under your thumb - so you can feel like a proper mean cleaner.

What's more, the 32V model delivers power to rival most corded suckers, so you shouldn't notice a darn bit of difference when you're going at the kitchen floor - apart from the lack of wires trailing about the place.

What if things get really dirty?

We've all been there. Thankfully, the Blade Cordless packs a boost mode, which will run for 20 minutes on a full charge and suck up even the toughest of stuff.

There are mounts on the unit itself and the end of its arm, too, so you can switch out your tool of choice for the job at hand. Besides the bundled floorhead, there's a raft of tools and accessories on offer, including a handy crevice tool.

And when it's all done sucking?

Like the best of us, it'll need a rest. The £300 (RM1665) Vax Blade Cordless takes 4 hours to charge back to full, and you can scoop up a handy wall-mount to hang it out of the way while it's juicing up. Best of all, you'll never be caught short mid-clean, thanks to an array of bright battery lights on the unit - dubbed the Smart Control - that'll keep you abreast of how much suction you have left. Tidy.

Stick around for local pricing and availability.