Surrender your wallets, the official Malaysian iPhone prices are out

Prices start at RM1,999 for the 16GB iPhone 5c model so prepare to weep at the cash register

Well, you can now order iPhones online from the Apple store. Now the question is whether you would want to seeing as they are nowhere near the 'cheap' range.

But iPhone prices in Malaysia have always tended towards the circa 2k-plus range so the latest announcements are no surprise, no surprise at all. Poor consolation is perhaps the availability of the 8GB iPhone 4S for RM1,499 but we know which iPhones you want.

Cheap? Nope

As of press time, you can head down to the Apple Store and buy the phones online. You can of course choose to pay less upfront by signing up for a telco plan but be warned that you might end up paying more over the long run than by just buying the phone outright.

So behold, the pricing:

iPhone 5S

  • 16GB RM 2399
  • 32GB RM 2749
  • 64GB RM 3149

iPhone 5c

  • 16GB RM 1999
  • 32GB RM 2399

iPhone 4S

  • 8GB RM 1499