Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Up For Pre-Registration In The US And China

The launch is near

It's been more than five months since the Samsung Galaxy Fold should have launched, but now it's on track to be launched this September. As such, it's no surprise to know that Samsung has already started pre-registration for the Galaxy Fold, particularly in the US and China. This is pretty much proof that the Galaxy Fold will reach consumers soon.

Though to be clear, pre-registering is not the same as pre-ordering, as you're not paying any deposit to purchase the Galaxy Fold. This makes it even more uncertain as to when exactly pre-orders will open as we're already in September, but it's still a good bet that the pre-registration is mainly to keep those interested in getting the Galaxy Fold updated.

While the signs are all clear that the Galaxy Fold is definitely making its way to consumers, Samsung still has a lot of challenges to deal with after its failed initially planned launch. While Samsung has shared how they have improved the Galaxy Fold, we still have to see how well the Galaxy Fold holds up in the eyes of the public.