iOS 13.1 Beta Releases Before Public Release Of iOS 13

Apple is taking a few steps ahead of their users.

For the past few months, Apple has been teasing and testing out the upcoming big update to their operating system, iOS 13. This new version of iOS is presumably to come at the same time as Apple’s next smartphone line, the iPhone XI. But even before that, Apple seems to be testing out the first update of iOS 13 already.

Thanks to the iOS Developer’s website, we now know that the beta testing of iOS and PadOS 13.1 is live for app developers to prepare their apps to work well on this new version of iOS. Most of what this new version brings are a myriad of bug fixes, a new feature known as AirPods Audio Sharing, and some sort of update for the Apple Watch as well.

While it is unusual for Apple to be testing out a whole new update so soon, it seems to be a precautionary measure by the company to get their developers ready for the new platform that they’ll be providing on iOS 13. If anything, this is great for us, the end users to know. At least we’ll be sure that when iOS 13 does come out, it won’t be a buggy mess.

For now, while this update may not be public, the full release of iOS 13 is said to be out for all Apple users next month, the same day that the iPhone XI will be fully revealed, which will be on the 11th of September.