Google Drive makes it easier to dump your iPhone for an Android phone

Fear not for your contacts and other data when switching phones

Moving from iOS to Android might seem daunting to some people despite the availability of Google Contacts sync.

Google now says no excuses, with its latest tweak of Google Drive.

Three steps only

The Android website breaks down the process to three simple steps: first, download Google Drive to your iOS device then second, backup your iPhone to Google Drive and third, just login to Google on your new Android device.

From there, it's a simple matter of waiting for your contacts and photos to sync. Text messaging syncing isn't supported at the moment, apparently.

This is a pretty simple way that will work with all Android phones. With the Google Pixel XL, a USB OTG adapter would directly transfer information from one phone to the other but Google Drive might be a nifty way for people not using a Google Pixel XL.

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[Source: GSMArena]