Get More Privacy By Subscribing To Mozilla Firefox Premium For ~MYR20/Month

Are you willing to pay for more privacy and less ads?

With an increasing concern on privacy and the never ending ads, it's no wonder Mozilla is offering a way for you to lead a more ad free life - for a price. The Mozilla Foundation has unveiled more information about its plans for a paid-subscription version of Firefox. This Premium version will be made available at a monthly cost of US$4.99 (RM20.68), for an enhanced user experience.

The goal for this subscription was for Mozilla to offer an ad-free version of partner news sites by paying out a portion of the revenue from the subscription. Members will also benefit from other advantages such as access to the audio version of some articles and machine recommendations. Users will also be able to save articles for later in the manner of reading list management service Pocket, which Mozilla bought out back in 2017, and to synchronise that list between various devices to pick up where the reader left off.

This is definitely a worthy option for you if you'd rather pay than deal with ads who take your private information to cater to you.

For now there's no launch date and no word either on whether the service will only be available in the United States at launch, or worldwide. But there is a survey where you can sign up to be notified when the beta launches.