Amazon Fire Phone on sale 30 September in the UK and Germany

The mega-retailer’s curious smartphone now costs just US$0.99 with a contract
Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon’s first smartphone certainly is an interesting one, with the Fire Phone delivering a 3D screen effect and Firefly software that recognizes images and text from the world around you - and it’ll finally be out in the UK at the end of the month.

The company announced the news today, putting a 30 September release date on the device for both the UK and Germany - a couple of months after its initial debut in the United States, which was met with mixed reviews from critics.

The Fire Phone will be available exclusively through O2 for £0 (RM0) upfront with a Refresh plan, which finds you paying a minimum of £33/month (RM169) (for the 32GB model) for unlimited calling and texts, plus 2GB of data on the 4G network. Alternately, you can buy the device upfront for £399.99 (RM2052) with monthly service plans starting at £13 (RM67).

The Fire Phone first launched in the United States in July for $199.99 (about RM637) upfront with a two-year agreement, but just today Amazon dropped the entry price to just $0.99 (RM3) with the contract. Amazon doesn’t share sales numbers, but the figures reportedly are not setting the smartphone world ablaze.

Like its tablets, Amazon’s Fire Phone runs on a very heavily modified version of Android that closes the ecosystem and only allows apps and media available through its own digital storefront. It also comes with a free year of Prime service for access to streaming movies, TV shows, music, and more.

The 4.7in, 720p LCD display and hardware specs hint at more of a mid-range device than a true flagship, but that price could be alluring to those who already have a lot invested in the company’s digital platforms. We’ll surely have more as the device launches.

[Source: Amazon via TechRadar]

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