INDEPENDENT X Bandai: Celebrating Gundam’s 40th Anniversary With Luxury Watches

So now you know it’s time to Gundam
13 February 2019 / 15:48MYT

Bandai and Sunrise’s beloved mecha anime franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam, enters its 40th Anniversary since the debut of its original TV series in 1979. The franchise has then graced its fans with numerous TV show series, films, video games, and a near countless amount of plastic model kits known as Gunpla.

Exclusive to the 40th Anniversary celebration, Bandai has collaborated with Japanese watchmaker INDEPENDENT to release two limited edition Principality of Zeon themed watches. The watches consist of two designs: the Char Aznable edition with a red and gold colour scheme reminiscent of the his Red Comet Zaku mecha, and the Zeon edition which sports a green and grey colour scheme similar to the mass-produced Zaku mecha. The watches are available in Japan for now and retailing at 54,000 yen (around MYR 1,980).

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