Welcome to the past: 5 tech things that have come full circle

The future may be now, but oddly enough, we’re still using these retro gizmos

So, we still may not yet have gotten our jetpacks, flying cars or sentient robots, but our tech has certainly come a long way.

Who could have predicted the rise of the smartphone or the tablet? At any rate, proving that tech, like fashion, is cyclical, we’ve put together a small selection of modern things/phenomena that have rather analogue leanings.

The phablet

Remember when a phone’s size mattered? Remember the lipstick-sized Nokia 7280? Remember the razor-thin Motorola RAZR V3? Well, if you do, you’ll remember that once upon a time (not too long ago, and not in a galaxy far, far away), it was terribly fashionable to have a small phone.

These days, things have gone rather the other way, with bigger being better. Much better. This explains the rise of XL-sized juggernauts like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Google Nexus 6. Even Apple is jumping on the bandwagon with its iPhone 6 Plus, though the naysayers will speak of how the Captain A is kind of late to the party.

Notable example: Google Nexus 6 (US$649 (RM2430)) 

The dating app

Older sci-fi once predicted the rise of computers and the death of human interaction. Person-to-person contact would be subsumed by video conferencing and even something as primal as, um, you know, getting it on, would be replaced by virtual reality simulations. In the far-flung future of 2015, anybody could tell you that this is complete rubbish, even considering the rise of VR headsets like the brilliant Oculus Rift.

If you need more proof of that, you’ll just need to look to Tinder’s 50 million-plus user base, with over a fifth of those users active every single day (unofficial estimates, Tinder has never disclosed any official usage stats). Of course, you could always do it otaku-style and use a dating simulator, but despite the vast strides we’ve taken in tech, there really is no replacing the warmth of human contact.

Notable example: Tinder